We are a traveling couple, collecting adventures and stamps on our passports, but we also have unconditional love for yoga and we would love to bring you in this part of our universe.

We want to share our skills and good energy with you, helping you to discover yoga and its benefits. 

To do so, we currently are sharing our yoga through 3 forms :

Yoga & Tea with Camille
Yoga with Pedro
Yoga - Side stretch

First, we have our Youtube channel where we are sharing every Monday a new yoga video.

Each week we propose you a new thematic in a short video, between 15 & 30 minutes.


Both great for beginners or advanced people, to practice in the comfort of your own home. Go check it out and enjoy your practice.  

Second, you can also book a private "Yoga & Tea" session with Camille.

An opportunity to focus on yourself, wearing some comfy clothes and sharing a hot beverage. 

The classes are available in English or in French. You can choose between 3 different kinds of yoga :


  • Yin Yoga : Practice of gentle exercises to help you reduce any kind of stress and anxiety, to improve your flexibility and focus on your breathing.

  • Hatha Yoga : A traditional branch of yoga class, focusing on cardio and physical exercises, aiming to strengthen your abs, legs and body in general.

  • Vinyasa Yoga : In this class we will work on the coordination of your movement with your breath, to flow through the classic sequences of yoga

You can book a class by clicking on the image on the left or here

Finally, you can join Pedro on one of his Online-Group Classes. They are available in Portuguese and English.

You can contact him at or on our Instagram page.

His classes will be composed by : 

  • Focusing on Principles of Breathing

  • Bringing the Flexibility back to the body 

  • Yoga for Strenght & Balance

  • Headstand basics 

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