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Updated: May 1, 2020

When most of the population around the world have been asked to remain inside, it’s a completely new life that we have to organize for ourselves. It’s the perfect opportunity to create new habits, with something than most of the people missed : Time.

So let’s use this valuable time to be productive in a different way, a better way.

Like starting to have more eco-friendly habits. That's why in today's article we are going to share with you a few sustainable practices that you can adopt in your daily life at home.

Kitchen & food

Grow an organic garden

You don't need a big outdoor space for that, a little space on a balcony or a window is a great way to start. Even if it's only some aromatic herbs, some strawberries or cherry tomatoes, it's better than nothing. Never forget that's with little actions than we can make a big change. Besides, it looks lovely, you avoid waste and you even save some money in the long term.

Our last acquisitions : Basil, Parsley and Tarragon

Eat primarily fresh, organic & local products.

Stop buying chemical-laden fruits or veggies from exportation and favourize your local productions. It's healthier, sometimes cheaper and so much more ethical.

Plus, our local producers never needed our support more than they do now.

Related article : New Year's Travel Resolutions.

Do your groceries straight at the producers

It's so important to support our local farmers.

Generally, it's a great practice to adopt, but once again, the actual events make it even more necessary now.

There are plenty of free apps that help you localise the producers near you like Big Barn for the UK, GoodGuide, Love Food Hate Waste, or also Mon Producteur in France.


It's super easy and a wonderful way to build soil and reduce waste. Here are the steps to start your composting journey :

  1. Choose a type of backyard compost bin,

  2. Find a location outside or simply on your window,

  3. Alternate layers with, for example : branches, stems, dried leaves, peels, bits of wood, coffee grounds, eggshells, wood ash...

  4. Keep adding any kitchen and yard waste, as they accumulate,

  5. Continue to add layers until your bin is full,

  6. Harvest your compost.

You don't have any place outside where you could fit a compost bin ? And let's be honest, keeping it inside might add some unwanted smells in your house.

Do not worry, we got you covered. Here's a nice product that could make your composting journey more accessible. It's an efficient indoor composting bin with its own ferment that uses beneficial bacteria to destroy any unpleasant smells and speed up the composting process.

Get your composting bin here

↠ Swap tea bags for a tea strainer

I bet there are some tea lovers here, being one myself, it's probably the best advice I can give you.

First, it's tastier. We can use with our tea strainer whole-leaves tea, offering a better taste and much more benefits. It's such a better tea quality, compared to the leaf's dust you have in the tea bags.

Second, it's a reduction of waste with the packaging.

Third, the tea leaves are compostable when the bags aren't.

Finally, it's healthier. Indeed the bags can contain polypropylene and microplastics, which are absent from the tea leaves that you will use with your tea strainer.

Get your tea strainer here

Reduce your consumption of plastic

Bottles, bags, containers, toys... Plastic is everywhere and most of the time it's completely unnecessary. Nowadays, the same products exist with reuse, recycled or plastic-free packaging. Favorise those as much as possible.

Reuse your pasta, or rice water, to nourish your plants

The water from your pasta or rice (with no added salt) after use, is rich in minerals and other nutrients that would feed amazingly your plants. Offer them a nice treat and reduce your water waste at the same time.

Reuse your glass jars

Any glass jar you might have, when they are empty, you can clean them and reuse them for a new purpose.

You can transform a jam jar in a nice container for your seeds or rice, or perhaps turn a yoghurt jar into a nice recipient for your nuts, tea leaves or dry herbs. Feel free to be creative.

It's a great way to store dry ingredients and it can also be a nice touch of decoration for your kitchen. Depending on the jar size, you can even turn it into a vase and bring some flowers to your interior.

Here, for example, you have a bottle of milk turned into a container for a mix of quinoa and coral lentils, then a coconut oil jar turned into a container for chia seeds, another coconut jar turned into a sesame seeds container and to finish, a jam jar that became a container for some yerba maté. Not too bad right ?


Reuse your old decoration

Rather than throwing away something you don't want anymore, try to give it a new life, pimp it and get a brand new object for your interior.

Her's a nice video that we recommend you to watch, it's full of great transformation ideas : 27 ways to transform.

Purify your air in your house with some plants

Some houseplants not only look lovely but also work a little harder to clean the air you breathe in, how great is that ?

There's a list of plants that are good air purifiers (click on the name if you want to discover what they look like) :

Propagate your plants

By propagating, we actually mean creating baby plants from a mama plant.

What an easy and affordable way to fill up your house with more greens, right ?

Here we will link for you a video that explains really good this process. We personally used the technique of this video to propagate our plants : Plant propagation for beginners.

Our first attempt to propagate some pancake plants


Wash your clothes with cold water

Saving energy, water and even money has never been so easy to do.

Hang out your clothes rather than using a dryer

Even if the weather isn't great outside or if you can't even hang them out, you can find a nice corner of your place to hang your clothes and reducing a lot your energy consumption, as much as you will reduce your next electricity bill.

Make your own natural cleaning products

I guess this quarantine offers many people a great occasion to give their homes the biggest clean they ever had. Everything's never been so sparkling clean in your house.

That's why we want to share here some natural homemade cleaning product recipes.

By doing them yourself, you will avoid the chemicals from the industrial products and of course, reduce your plastic waste.

Window cleaner

  • You will need : The juice of half a lemon & 1,5 litre of water.

  • How to do it : Mix them together and store it into a spray bottle.

  • How to use it : You can use it like any classic window cleaner, with a cloth or a window squeegee.

Multi-purpose cleaner (floor, kitchen, bathroom...)

  • You will need : Half a cup of white vinegar, half a glass of water and a few drops of some essential oil of your liking.

  • How to do it : Mix everything together and store it into a spray bottle.

  • How to use it : Use a cloth, moist it with a couple of sprays and clean your surface, as you would do with any traditional cleaner.

Open your windows at least 5 minutes a day

It helps to reduce the indoor air pollution in your house and also kills most of the germs.

Make your own hand sanitizer

It recently became a product hard to find, so we got a recipe here to produce your own natural one.

  • You will need : 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup of Aloe Vera gel and about 10 drops of essential oil.

  • How to do it : Mix them together and refill an old bottle to store it.

  • How to use it : Use it as a normal liquid soap.

Get your essential oils here


Make your own natural beauty products

Beauty places closed down, so now girls that's our time to shine and make our own products. We got a few recipes for you in another article of ours, go check it out : Women eco-kit. And as an extra tip, to remove make-up, try some coconut oil, it's miraculous.

That's an efficient and natural product that also moisturizes your eyelids.

Get your coconut oil here

Use solid soaps and shampoos

First, it helps to reduce your plastic waste and it's also way better for your skin and hair.

After months of use, we can testify that using those bars make our skins softer and our hair shinner and clean longer.

We usually shop them to some local organic markets, but here's one great brand where you can order online : "Vert".

Get your shampoo bar here

Swap for reusable products

Every girl loves her skincare routine, that's why it became important to consider reducing the products we are using daily. Because the less we consume, the less waste we create.

Here are some examples :

Get a bamboo toothbrush

In the hygienic category, plastic toothbrushes are one of the most important sources of plastic waste. That's why switching them for a more sustainable product can have a huge impact. We both recommend bamboo toothbrushes, not only they are more sustainable, but they also last longer than a classic plastic toothbrush.

Get your bamboo toothbrush here

Alright, guys that were our eco-friendly habit ideas. As we previously said, there isn't any pressure to master them all at the same time.

Making a change is a slow and durable process. If you first start by applying 2,3 or 4 of them, it's already such a great thing. Always remember, doing a little it's much better than not doing anything at all.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Stay all safe & home.

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