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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

First of all, we would like to thank you for your support and to keep reading about us. We are extremely moved by all your messages, the time you took to read, share or comment our first article. It sincerely means a lot to us and we hope you will enjoy this new one.

So today, we wanted to explain you more about this name we decided to get for our website : « Forever Wanderers ».

According to our all-wise google, Forever means : for all future time, continually.

And a Wanderer : it is a person who travels aimlessly, a lost traveler.

There they are, two really strong and meaningful words. However, what do they mean to us ?

This name wasn't only randomly created - We questioned ourselves for a while, we wanted to find a name that could fit our projects, ideas and purpose.

Let’s re-describe the "aimlessly" part of the wanderer and focus mainly in the "continually" part of the forever.

Because we do have a purpose in our mindset, not mattering where we are :

We do want to travel, making the less negative impact possible, to learn & share more about Ecotourism,

We do want to spread positiveness,

We do want to offer some guidance & support for people that try, like we did, to go out of their comfort zone,

We do want to be aware of other cultures, languages, histories & people of this world.

Kawai Purapura - New Zealand

There we stand, with an open-mind, willing to learn and share the best practices of travelling as tourists. In other words, no matter the place we are, we want to bring our good intentions to this beautiful blue planet. There’s a way that nature speaks : The lands, the forests, the sea..

Most of the time, people are simply not patient enough, not quiet enough, to pay attention to the story. Nature provides us all the resources we need, provides us the best shows, it's a world of countless wonders. Let's cherish it and not cause any damage to it. We have so much to learn from it.

Therefore, our idea of Forever Wanderers, is about "Continually learning and sharing the good practices that each place, culture and people are here to teach us".

We would like to see ourselves as Aware Wanderers and invite more people to join this idea.

The tourism industry is largely growing day by day. With all the globalisation process, the borders are getting more and more open, and as a matter of fact, traveling and going around have never been so easy as it is now. There is a great amount of positive effects coming with it, but on the other hand, the negative impacts are growing exponentially as well. This is why, since few years, tourism is trying to get a fresh new identity, by including sustainable development. In a context of movement towards ecology and fair trade, more and more places got aware of the bad impacts of it and are committing to a "different" tourism : An ecotourism.


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It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little - do what you can

Unfortunately, at our level, our impact on this huge world is actually really light. But it can start with such easy habits. A couple of them that we would like to mention is regarding damaging the landscape and littering/pollution.

For example, the simple act of throwing a cigarette butt, a can, a plastic bag on the floor, on the beaches, in the nature... Those are small things that are done every day, even unconsciously. But on a touristic area, that hundreds or thousands of people pass, this "just one cigarette butt" can ruin the whole picture. It basically starts with more awareness and mindfulness in our acts.

We will talk more about it in further articles, this is just an introduction about our project, as Aware Wanderers.

So here is our shout-out, the invitation for all our friends, family, readers :

You are more than welcome on joining us to care about the place you are wandering, visiting or living - To be aware and to treat every place as your own and spread this idea. You can make a difference, at so many levels. Please don't give up on our planet. It needs us as much as we need it.

Thanks a lot for reading and giving some of your time. If you like this post, we invite you to give it a thumb up, to subscribe and even to share it.

Take care of you and see you for our next article next week.

Tout le monde est d'accord pour apprécier le vert D'une forêt naturelle ou le calme d'un désert Ce que les yeux ont vu de plus beau la nature l'a offert. Qu'elle nous pardonne nos offenses, si chère est la terre Aimes la comme tu aimes les bijoux, l'argent et la fête au lieu de la mettre à genoux Elle est tout, nous sommes fous, elle a tous les atouts Témoin de notre histoire, elle a tout fait pour nous Echosystème - Danakil

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