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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and welcome aboard.

Who are we ?

Let us tell you more about ourselves.

We are Pedro & Camille, a duo of explorers, originally from Brazil and France.

We are glad to share with you our journey and explain a bit more about our lifestyle.

How it all began

In theory, nothing could have predicted that we would end up together. Not the same country, culture, language, not even the same continent.

But we had something in common, that overpassed all our differences : Our adventurer spirit. We both wanted to get out of our comfort zone, discover more about the world and about ourselves.

We've been traveling on our own for years, until we met in New Zealand, 2 years ago, in a yoga retreat.

I, Camille, just started to work at reception there. Pedro arrived few days after, as a volunteer. He later applied for a vacant position as a receptionist and became my colleague. I was in charge of his training, which was probably the worst he ever received, as I've never done this before and especially in english.

Rapidly, this training became more a chat about our solo travels and that's how we realised that we were on the same line. Our personalities, values, ambitions, dreams, visions of life.. We were in symbiosis. What were the odds ? Being at the same place, at the same time, in this giant world, both of us thousand of miles away from home. It just matched !

We became inseparables.

After a week, we moved in together. After 3 months, we bought a van together. And after 4, we hit the road and took a road trip around the North Island of New Zealand. And that's how we started our traveling journey.

Few months later, Pedro had to go back to Brazil, as his visa for New Zealand was expiring. As for me, I had planned to spend 3 months traveling with a friend from home around the Pacific Islands and South Asia, before heading to Canada (I got a Working Holiday Visa just before meeting Pedro).

Actually, we had nothing planned for our future after New Zealand, Pedro couldn't join me in Canada, as the working visas were insanely pricy and hard to get for him.

However, while we were apart, we've been facing how much we were missing each other and that a long distance relationship couldn't be a suitable solution for us.

After not even 2 weeks apart, I gave up on my idea to go to Canada and cancelled my visa. Pedro gave a shot to obtain a WHV in France, as France and Brazil had signed this agreement a couple of months before. Once again, what were the odds ?

And now, there we are. We joined each other in France in November 2018.

Back there, Pedro couldn't speak a word of french and never put a foot in Europe. That did not stop him from working and communicating with my family and friends though.

We first worked for the winter season in a ski resort, in the North Alps, as Reception and Accommodation managers. Afterwards, we moved along the Atlantic coast and we are currently working in a vacation village by the beach.

After this summer season, we will be back on the roads again, wandering around Iceland, Portugal and finally Brazil at the end of the year.

This year has been a real challenge, for both of us. Pedro had to face the discovery of a whole new culture and language and let's be honest, french isn't the easiest to learn. As far as I'm concerned, coming back in my country and dealing with a society that doesn't suit me anymore, things have been tough at times.

But we got through this together and became stronger from those experiences.

Why are we doing this ?

This lifestyle is teaching us lessons, the experiences that we are having in this period of time are changing us. Traveling, even in your own country, isn't a reward for working, it’s an education for living. Adventures are always the best way to grow up.

Traveling offers you the chance to look at things differently, to discover that there are more possibilities in life than society tells you and that you're able to achieve whatever you want.

You would never expect to change as much as you end up doing, you almost become another person. Or maybe it’s not about changing, but more about revealing yourself as you truly are. You learn about different cultures, foods, traditions.. But first of all, about yourself. You hear stories from other travellers, you make lifetime friends, you fall in love, you get involved in projects that incredibly help communities...

That's why today we decided to create this website, to share with you what an incredible, demanding and fulfilling journey it is. To inspire and encourage people to follow their dreams, to help with money, itineraries and administration tips..

And recently, we are trying also to promote  sustainability while traveling.

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Thanks a lot for reading about us. 🙏🏼  

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