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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

When the media keep us focusing on the increase of the cases and deaths, we decided to help you see the glass half full rather than half empty.

I believe that the cosmos has its way of rebalancing things. In a society full of anomalies and paradoxes, this situation gives us an opportunity to think and reflect.

As you guys know, we are in favor of new alternatives to travel and promoting sustainability in our daily lifestyles. That's why in today's article, we will show you the bright side of this situation, ecologically speaking, despite all the chaos it's creating.

What if this is the opportunity to focus on the good consequences for our planet ?

A bit of perspective

Obviously, we must fight to prevent the weakest among us from being contaminated. Obviously, we must fight to protect the spread of this virus.

But also, let's remember some facts shall we ?

For instance, according to UNICEF, 15 000 children under the age of five are dying every single day across the world. From a virus communally called "malnutrition", an old disease named "hunger", for which we have the cure for decades though.

Or also, let’s not forget that our way of life is responsible for the massive extinction of the animal and even the plant world.

We live in a society based on productivity and profit, in which we all run breathless after time, but the Covid-19 knocked this entire overconsumption civilization, by suddenly putting the world on hold.

Perhaps this is the message the Earth is trying to send us. Maybe the cost of our inaction is much higher than people were willing to pay ?

The apparition of pandemics, like the one hitting our world right now, comes with the whole package of the various consequences of our own behaviours.

The paradox is that these different consequences, without common measures, are far more serious than the crisis we are going through at the moment.

But for us, the humankind, we only act when the "emergency" stage is activated, when a crisis is hitting us. Sometimes it's like we don't know how to learn from our past and previous mistakes. As if all of this was brand new information and unexpected.

What if we tried to see this virus as an opportunity to change tomorrow from yesterday ? What if we tried to use our confinement time to think about what we could do good for our planet, rather than finding who to blame ? What if we took advantage of this crisis to just open our eyes and realise the cost of our actions and unawareness ? What if we decided to finally take some real measures for the future of our world ? Maybe it's time for us to start acting for a serious change.

While everyone is keeping an eye on the shares market crashing or on the different economies of the world collapsing, this reduction of activity is also, as a matter of fact, having some incontestable benefits for our ecology.

A break for our planet

What if this was a breath of fresh air for our planet ?

In a phase where climate change and environmental disasters have reached worrying levels, first China and then so many other countries, are forced to block the doors.

And as a direct result, pollution is drastically decreasing and the air is improving. We are using masks, but the air has never been so breathable.

The spread of the virus has succeeded, in less than 4 months, to decrease by half the various gas emissions in the upper atmosphere said the BBC.

Emblematic examples around the world

- Venice, Italy

The increasing number of coronavirus cases in Italy has brought the entire country to a standstill for almost 2 weeks now.

However, there is a piece of good news in this time of misery. Venice, one of Italy’s biggest tourist attractions, sees its streets deserted and boat traffic, especially Gondola rides, completely disappeared. Surprisingly, the lockdown has helped in clearing the city’s canals.

As reported by CNN, the locals have noticed a huge difference in the clarity of the water, but not only. The air's quality has improved in the city as well.

Water has become so clear across Italy that fishes can be seen and even the swans and dolphins have returned.

- China

China, the epicentre of the pandemic, was the first country touched dramatically by the coronavirus wave, with more than 80 000 cases and 3 200 deaths. In light of those events, the Chinese government decided to take the biggest measures regarding its environmental politic. 3 months of lockdown led to an impressive reduction in air pollution, that may have saved the lives of 4 000 children under 5 and 73 000 adults over 70.

Furthermore, China sets to permanently ban the consumption and trade of wild animals, which is one of the greatest measure ever taken by the country regarding this matter. Knowing that the coronavirus appeared in a wet food market of Wuhan, where there were no regulations, this measure is purely making sense.

Wildlife markets are not only cruel and unethical, but they are a huge risk to humans all over the world, due to the lack of hygiene measures. The apparition of the Covid 19, is an awful example of it.

Last but not least, China also banned all commercial fishing on the Yangtze for 10 years.

That's the first ban ever for Asia's longest river. The goal here is to permit the restoration of aquatic life.

- Antarctic

A recent survey shows that blue whales are making a comeback after nearly being whaled to extinction. Which is such an amazing new, considering the dramatic situation of the Antarctic since few decades.

Besides, the reduction of gas emissions slows down the melting of the ice, which is good news for Antarctic wildlife.

- New South Wales, Australia

Everybody is familiar with the catastrophic bushfires that ravaged Australia since September.

Well, the reduction of gas emissions helped to end the last ones happening in the region of New South Wales. The state is officially free from bushfires for the first time in more than 240 days. Such a victory after those months of intense labor for the firemen.

✾ ✾ ✾

We are not minimizing these awful events happening in the world towards this virus.

But as we are bathed in a tense atmosphere, hearing terrible news and numbers every day, we thought it could be nice to show some good happening out of this chaos.

Some other positive numbers, over the 345 292 cases around the world, 99 541 ones have fully recovered from the virus. Hoping this will cheer you up a bit and help you see some optimism.

Covid 19 will be over and life will go back to normal. But let's not forget why all of this happened and do something to make sure we don't mess it up with Mother Nature again.

Take good care of you, stay safe and positive. We will get through this, all together.

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